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First Steps: the benefits of learning parent-directed therapy

Lexi Wilson, the Literacy Centre‘s director talks about our latest parent-teaching program.

Early Intervention Programs require a lot of time with therapists, which for some families just isn’t feasible. Often parents who do implement early intervention would just love to know exactly what methods EIBI practitioners are using to help their children learn. These are concerns that Early Intervention therapists doesn’t take lightly; differences in family circumstances can help us think about flexible and alternative ways we can make effective therapy accessible to children.

Our First Steps program is a sixteen week curriculum that was developed exactly for these reasons.We hope to give parents of children with ASD a solid introduction into the world of Early Intervention, as well as de-mystify diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or developmental delay.This program is designed for families who want to gain their own skills in behaviour management, or, who are not able to run an intensive Early Intensive Behaviour Intervention home program for lifestyle or monetary reasons.  It provides  an overview of EIBI methods, understanding assessments and supporting your child in their educational settings.

Each program is highly individualised and are based on your child’s delayed skill areas or behavioural issues. It involves one-on-one parent training as well as rigorous assessment of child’s needs so that a targeted program can be applied at home. The greatest benefit of parent-directed programs is that they are family focussed, so the curriculum can react to the particular concerns and goals of those closest to a child. Prioritising different skill sets at different times, such as self-care skills or pre-academic skills, can help a family make the most of their recourses to encourage their child’s development.

Children that will benefit from their parents’ involvement in First Steps, include those with a diagnosis or difficulties relating to an Autism Spectrum, associated disorder or developmental delay. Aspire’s First Steps program is covered by both FaHCSIA funding and Better Start funding.

To find out more about Aspire’s parent learning programs such as First Steps and our frequent parent-focussed workshops please contact our office at (02) 9648 4442 or email [email protected]

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