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Better understand how we can assist your child’s development with a personalised consultancy, assessment and review.


Our consultancy service offers the simplest way to learn and manage your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

From setting up your child’s initial program to assisting you with education plans or school observations, we can help you navigate and mitigate the uncertainty of your child’s diagnosis.

While services are dependent on the needs of your child, consultancy may include:

  • Program/behaviour management
  • School observations/school consultation
  • Individual Education Plan/Individual Family Service plan meetings and goal setting
  • Incidental consultation services for family, preschool or school
  • Assessments
  • Parent or (pre)school educator and therapist training

The frequency of consultation depends on the needs of your child, your capacity and the availability of our program managers.

Restrictive Practices

Our team is able to provide support for families needing advice and guidance for the implementation of a behavioural support intervention plan that includes restrictive practices. 

If you have funding in the ‘CB Daily Living – Improved Relationships’ registration group with the Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support item, we can provide a detailed plan and implement the program alongside your family.  

Contact us for more information about our consultancy program and whether it suits your needs.

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