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Understanding Autism: The Essential Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Autism is a developmental disorder that varies widely in severity and in its presentation. Understanding autism is the first step toward providing the best support for your child or those in your community that may be experiencing autism in some way. Autism may be characterised by delays and challenges in social interaction, communication, and repetitive […]

The NDIS & Autism: How to know if your child is eligible for funding

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a crucial resource for many families with children on the autism spectrum or with additional needs. In this easy-to-navigate guide, we will explore the NDIS, how it benefits people with autism, and how to access the funding. We’ll also cover frequently asked questions about NDIS funding for autism […]

We’re hiring Behaviour Technicians and Therapy Assistants!

●      Entry level position to gain invaluable experience in the Allied Health industry ●      Opportunities to professionally develop and upskill ●      Fun and collaborative team   ABOUT US Established in 2007, Aspire Early Intervention specialises in providing holistic approaches to learning through ABA therapy frameworks. Aspire is built around the belief that every child can […]

A Guide to Toilet Training

Toilet Training Guide

Toilet training is a stressful time in any parent and child’s life, and can be even more stressful when you think about toilet training your child with additional needs. However, once mastered, it creates more independence and generally reduces stress in a family’s home – Not to mention reduces nappy costs! Toilet training needs to […]

4 Waitlist-Free Ways We Can Help Unlock your Child Full Learning Potential

Child Learning Potential Aspire Early Intervention

For the first time in a long time, we’re waitlist-free! At Aspire Early Intervention, our focus is unlocking your child’s full learning potential and giving you powerful strategies when they are most effective – early. First Steps program A solid introduction to early intervention, this 12-week program offers one-on-one sessions for your child and includes […]

My Week as a Therapist

Isabella Aspire Early Intervention

High-school student, Isabella Camilleri, wanted to spend her week of work-experience with children, not adults. Below Isabella tells us about her time at the Aspire office, and a few of the lessons she learnt from both the Aspire therapists, and kids! Last week I completed work experience at the Aspire office and it turned out […]

Sesame Street’s Nationwide Initiative to Help People See Amazing in All Children

Julia from Sesame Street

Beloved children’s television program, Sesame Street has launched a wonderful new initiative, See Amazing in All Children. Developed with input from parents, autism service providers, and people with autism, See Amazing fosters an affirming narrative around autism for all families and kids. The initiative includes a website packed full of free resources and tips to […]

Five reasons why you should read aloud to your kids – and pick their favourite book

Mum and Daughter reading

Originally published on The Conversation, written by Ryan Spencer, Clinical Teaching Specialist. As parents know all too well, children love to re-read their favourite books over and over again. While this may feel painfully repetitive to adults, there is something in the text that is bringing children back time after time. Children benefit greatly from […]

Heartfelt Advice From Children With Learning Disabilities

Boy Smiling boytie

These kids help us to step into their shoes and see things from their point of view. Children with learning disabilities can find it difficult to communicate their needs or even what they are feeling. It’s important for us to remember that everybody learns in different ways and the best way for us to help […]

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