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My Week as a Therapist

High-school student, Isabella Camilleri, wanted to spend her week of work-experience with children, not adults. Below Isabella tells us about her time at the Aspire office, and a few of the lessons she learnt from both the Aspire therapists, and kids! Last week I completed work experience at the Aspire office and it turned out […]

Sesame Street’s Nationwide Initiative to Help People See Amazing in All Children

Beloved children’s television program, Sesame Street has launched a wonderful new initiative, See Amazing in All Children. Developed with input from parents, autism service providers, and people with autism, See Amazing fosters an affirming narrative around autism for all families and kids. The initiative includes a website packed full of free resources and tips to […]

Five reasons why you should read aloud to your kids – and pick their favourite book

Originally published on The Conversation, written by Ryan Spencer, Clinical Teaching Specialist. As parents know all too well, children love to re-read their favourite books over and over again. While this may feel painfully repetitive to adults, there is something in the text that is bringing children back time after time. Children benefit greatly from […]

Heartfelt Advice From Children With Learning Disabilities

These kids help us to step into their shoes and see things from their point of view. Children with learning disabilities can find it difficult to communicate their needs or even what they are feeling. It’s important for us to remember that everybody learns in different ways and the best way for us to help […]

What words do I teach my child with a language delay?

What words do I teach my child with a language delay? Your child may have a diagnosis of Autism, Down Syndrome, global developmental delay and she has just found her voice and has started talking. Yay! So how do we choose what words and language skills to teach? This blog will show you what kind […]

Top 10 considerations for a successful transition to adulthood.

The period of transition from being a child to an adult can be one of the most difficult periods of life for us all, let alone for a young person with special needs. School ends, paediatricians hand over to adult doctors, hormones are raging, more and more support services are becoming involved, guardianship issues arise, […]

First Steps: the benefits of learning parent-directed therapy

Lexi Wilson, the Literacy Centre‘s director talks about our latest parent-teaching program. Early Intervention Programs require a lot of time with therapists, which for some families just isn’t feasible. Often parents who do implement early intervention would just love to know exactly what methods EIBI practitioners are using to help their children learn. These are concerns that […]

World Autism Awareness Month: a message from Aspire

Welcome to World Autism Awareness Month! As a clinic that has been providing therapy to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disorders for over five years, we thought it was a good time to explore what Autism Awareness might look like to us; therapists, counsellors, speech pathologists and staff who have been working, helping […]

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