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Meet Dr Wagner

“About 20 years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to watch Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy with a small child. Within five minutes of watching her learn to talk and play through the science of behaviour analysis, I identified making an impact for children with varying abilities and their families through behavioural intervention as my purpose and calling.”

The Aspire team is thrilled to announce the talented and passionate Dr Leaora L. Wagner as our new Clinical Director. Dr Wagner will be bringing over 20 years of experience to Aspire families, along with her unique specialisation in Organisational Behaviour Management & Educational Leadership and ABA Through a Trauma Responsive Lens.

Organisational Behaviour Management & Educational Leadership

Soon after beginning in the field of ABA, Dr Wagner quickly understood that her ‘ripple’ spanned further than just her caseload, reaching families and their wider communities. Seeing this impact inspired Dr Wagner to further serve individuals and their families by helping other professionals make the same meaningful impact.

Through Organisational Behaviour Management and Educational Leadership, Dr Wagner is able to apply staff and organisational development tools to improve the long-term outcomes of treatment by building diverse teams using evidence-based practices.

Applied Behaviour Analysis Through a Trauma Responsive Lens

Trauma during childhood can lead to a lifetime of complex mental health and physical health needs. However, having one caring adult as a guide through difficult moments can change the outcome.


Through her experiences at a young age, Dr Wagner learned the value of having one caring and connected person during these critical moments. As a result, Dr Wagner became immensely passionate about and drawn to understanding how trauma impacts what we do and how vital kindness and relationships are to making meaningful change through Applied Behaviour Analysis.

“At Aspire, I am committed to helping children, teens and their families learn, grow, play, and communicate through the science of contemporary Applied Behaviour Analysis. We will reduce barriers to learning for the children and teens that we are serving while designing and implementing personalised skill-building programs that promote dignity, choice, and independence.

We trust you will join us in welcoming Dr Wagner into the Aspire family. If you have any questions for Dr Wagner regarding her areas of expertise, please feel free to direct them to [email protected].

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